Located at the base of an ancient hill fort in Somerset, England, the Yurt Retreat is an eco-retreat that includes four luxury glamping yurts and a communal lodge. Its most recent addition is the Bird house, a solar-powered treehouse-style dwelling that was part-built using local and reclaimed materials.

The Bird house, which was constructed earlier this year, measures a total of 30 sq m (322 sq ft), sleeps two, and is styled so as to resemble, well, a birdhouse. It's supported by sections of tree trunk stilts and is accessed via wooden steps. The front features a porch and large porthole window, and additional windows and skylights maximize natural daylight inside.

Where possible, local and reclaimed materials were used. The dwelling is clad in cedar and other wood, which was sourced locally in an attempt to ensure that it blends in with the surrounding forest.

Water comes from a bore hole, while electricity is provided by a 50 kW solar array mounted on nearby farm buildings, though a mains connection is also wired-in.

The kitchen was created using wooden boarding reclaimed from the huts of an old parachute regiment. Furniture, including the bed and table, were handmade using branches and reclaimed scaffold boards, and clothes storage containers derive from old painted apple crates. A chrome soap tray was reclaimed from a 1950s South African cruise liner.

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