You could spend hours wandering around the Hebra Mountains, or you could follow our guide and find the Mozo Shenno shrine in no time.

If you haven't received this shrine quest yet, find Molli in Rito Village. She tells you this story:

"Once upon a time, my grandpa stopped at a big tree while he was climbing a big mountain and looked below him to the northwest. When suddenly he saw a HUGE snow-white birdie with its wings spread wide! My grandpa took off flying after the snow-white birdie. And as he got a little closer to the white birdie, Grandpa saw something SUPER important inside its belly!"

The adventure log gives you one additional hint, by mentioning the "lone cedar tree" in the Hebra Mountains.

Here's where you can find that tree:

But where's the bird? Don't waste any time looking in the sky – this is what you're looking for:

Glide over and notice the Mozo Shenno shrine "inside its belly":

This is another Major Test of Strength, so get your best weapons equipped to take on the Guardian inside. There's a diamond inside the chest for your troubles.

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