Black & Decker has a tool that fits comfortably between a chainsaw and a branch lopper. It’s the Alligator Lopper LP1000 and can cut through branches and logs up to four inches thick. It uses its patented scissor action to grab the offending piece of wood, clamps it tight and then powers through it with a 4.5Amp motor driven chainsaw.

This handy device has a number of safety features built in, like a two-handed trigger to prevent accidental start up of the chain and a safety guard over the blades and clamps.

What’s more, it can be used to cut up fallen branches or logs lying on the ground without risking blunting the chain blades from touching the ground. It can also be used to cut logs or branches side-to-side rather than only from top to bottom like a traditional chainsaw and it is effortless compared to standard non-powered loppers.

The Alligator Lopper LP1000 weighs 6.5lbs and has a 6-inch bar, making it suitable for male and female use and great for anywhere outdoors where power is within reach (like a generator).

The device is available through Black & Decker, online at Amazon and other Internet-based stores from around US$80.

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