The Blossom One Limited coffee machine by Blossom Coffee promises to provide connoisseurs of the black stuff an exceptional cup of coffee with every pour, and is designed by former NASA, Apple and Tesla employees as a bespoke product which would add some flair to any kitchen counter. The catch? A cool US$11,111 price tag, barista not included.

Despite the company's impressive pedigree, the onus is on Blossom Coffee to prove its device is worth the extra when compared to cheaper machines – as, by our reckoning, one could purchase somewhere in the region of 3,700 tall lattes from Starbucks and still have some change left over for the occasional blueberry muffin. The company addresses this with a carefully considered feature list and a focus on build quality.

The glass and stainless steel brew chamber unit has 500 W heating power

The machine sports a modular design with easily serviceable parts, and will support any standard E61 Portafilter basket. There's also a silent reservoir which eliminates the operational noises typical of lesser coffee machines. Considering the large price which Blossom One Limited commands, the uninitiated may expect an automatic plunger, but the company maintains that sticking with hand power provides maximum control over the coffee filtering process. Besides, if you can afford this coffee machine, then you’ll probably have a butler to do it for you anyway.

The Blossom One Limited also features cloud integration, which sounds a little tacked-on at first, but actually makes some sense on consideration: Wi-Fi and a 1.3 MP camera combine to allow users to download and share brew recipes and monitor the machine's performance remotely. Coffee roasters can craft custom recipes and print these as QR codes, in order to allow users to scan that code to brew the perfect cup and enjoy it exactly as originally intended.

Blossom Coffee sees its custom deriving mostly from cafes, hotels, and coffee lovers with deep pockets, and as befits its exclusive nature, only limited units will be made available. The elect may choose to have their machine constructed from mahogany, walnut, sapele, teak or zebra-wood. Additionally, Blossom Coffee will accommodate a customer’s existing kitchen fittings to ensure a perfect match.

The Blossom One Limited is available now for pre-order, with delivery slated for the first quarter of 2013.

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