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BlueAnt releases portable Text-to-Speech speakerphone

BlueAnt releases portable Text...
The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 portable speakerphone
The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 portable speakerphone
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The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 portable speakerphone
The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 portable speakerphone
The updated Z9i Bluetooth headset
The updated Z9i Bluetooth headset

June 19, 2008 Anticipating the changing of handsfree driving laws in the US, BlueAnt Wireless’ has released a new portable speakerphone device called the Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree, which incorporates advanced ‘Text-to-Speech’ technology with voice prompts providing guidance to help users pair the device and upload their mobile phone’s address book. The unit supports a selection of six different languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English, so that when a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller’s name or Caller ID and the user can then verbally accept or reject the call.

BlueAnt points out that California Highway Patrol statistics show mobile phone use is the top cause of accidents triggered by distracted drivers so they have designed the Supertooth 3 to be free of installation requirements, eliminating the hassle and expense of installing a fully integrated car kit. It is easily mounted on the car’s sun-visor via a magnetic clip to provide a simple, cost effective and high-quality handsfree option for drivers. It can be paired with up to eight devices and supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject.

The new Supertooth 3 incorporates Clear Voice Capture (CVC) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology from Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR). BlueAnt claims CVC technology separates the user’s voice from other sounds in the environment and applies acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression to the incoming and outgoing voices, allowing the unit to sharply enhance voice communication and provide exceptional quality sound. It also dynamically adjusts sound levels to compensate for loud engine noise or external noise created when the windows are down.

The Supertooth 3 also features Automatic Vibration Sensor Reconnection, a full duplex and high performance speaker, digital volume control, USB charging support, the inclusion of wall and car charging options and provides up to 15 hrs talk-time or 800 hrs standby.

The company has also announced an update to their Z9 Bluetooth Headset. The new Z9i incorporates boasts the inclusion of both large and small interchangeable ear gels, as well as two types of ear hook: the original translucent style and a more ergonomic, rubberized metal ear hook. The Z9i also has a new casing color, soft touch red, in addition to gloss black and the unit weighs only 0.35 ounces and measures just 1.5 inches in length.

The Z9i can now connect with up to five Bluetooth devices (instead of the Z9’s three) and incorporates Multipoint technology, which allows a user to connect simultaneously to two phones and answer the one that rings. BlueAnt has also refined its Voice Isolation Technology software to improve the Z9i’s noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction capabilities. Like the Z9, users can choose between dual Voice Isolation modes: ‘Standard’ for use in normal environments to remove mild background noise, and ‘Max,’ which provides superior voice clarity for use in extremely noisy environments.

Additional features of the Z9i include two microphones for pure speech automatic connection and reconnection with notification, different ring-tones for known and unknown contacts, tie clip for attaching to shirt or cuff, firmware upgrade via USB on a PC, up to 5.5 hrs talk-time and 200 hrs standby and Bluetooth 2.0 – all in a unit just 1.5” in length and weighing only 0.35 oz.

Both units come with a 2 year full replacement warranty with the BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth 3 carrying a MSRP of US$129.95 while the Z9i has a MSRP of US$99.95.

For further info visit BlueAnt Wireless.

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