August 27, 2007 Background noise can make mobile phone conversations in bars, clubs and noisy workplaces virtually incomprehensible – which is why BlueAnt’s new Z9 Bluetooth headset features smart noise cancellation and voice boosting software. The difference is profound – with this tiny, 10-gram device you can now have natural, clear phone conversations in the noisiest environments.

Australian company BlueAnt’s Z9 headset showcases the company’s Voice Isolation Technology, which uses clever audio algorithms to separate the voice signal from all background noise, enhancing and isolating all frequencies that affect voices coming in to and out of the headset and resulting in wind noise reduction and echo cancellation.

The Z9 allows the user the choice between two modes of Voice Isolation – ‘Standard’ for normal everyday environments, such as in the home or office, or ‘Max’ which provides superior intelligible voice clarity for use in extreme noise environments. See the video on the Z9 website for a demonstration.

Weighing in at only 10 grams and measuring less than 4cm, the Z9 is also one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market today. It can be clipped neatly onto a tie, shirt or jacket when not in use and comes equipped with a stylish, clear ear-hook further reducing its presence when worn. Battery life is around 5 hours of talk time or 200 hours on standby.

BlueAnt CEO, Taisen Maddern, says testing demonstrates that the Z9 is a clear winner in the stakes for sound clarity. “BlueAnt has dedicated over 2 years to the developmental and testing phases for the Z9 to ensure the highest quality noise elimination and call clarity is achieved. We’ve developed the technology and made the comparison. The Z9 has come up trumps in terms of its performance and we are expecting it to make a real splash on the competitive international market.”

The consumer and industry buzz for the Z9 began late last year when it was awarded the prestigious 2007 International Innovations Design & Engineering Award by the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) for ‘outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products’.

The Z9 will retail from around UK£59.00 including VAT.