February 25, 2008 No matter how sleek your laptop looks, it will inevitably be surrounded by a tangled knot of cables and peripheral devices spread messily around your desktop. The latest solution to come to our attention is Bluelounge’s SpaceStation - a docking port for laptops that manages connections with an internal 4-port USB hub, keeping wires tangle-free and out of sight. The US$79.95 unit provides connections for peripherals where needed, and has an ergonomic slanted surface for keyboards.

The unit rises 5mm above the desk, and allows access at all points - users can plug in a scanner on the side, an iPod at the front, and a laptop or camera. The cables are held in place with internal coiling pins that are accessed by tipping the front of the SpaceStation up and the angled placement of the laptop allows air to flow underneath as well as creating an ergonomic angle.

The SpaceStation also provides a surface for placing a phone, a slot for business cards, and a page holder.

The SpaceStation can be purchased from the Bluelounge website, and is available in white or black.

“The SpaceStation is a real lifesaver for anyone who spends a lot of time working on a laptop,” said designer Dominic Symons, Principal of Bluelounge. “Even just a few connections can turn your entire desk into a cable nightmare.”

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