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Bluetooth headsets for Women

Bluetooth headsets for Women
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April 5, 2006 It may be a ridiculous over generalization but women are different to men. They like things different and they like different things and they make up half of the consumer market give or take a percentage point or three. We thought it was silly that it had taken a quarter century for the world to deliver a left-handed mouse for the 16% of mollydookers in the world, but when we saw BluePearls had announced a small, elegant Bluetooth headset aimed at women, it suddenly seemed obvious that not everyone wanted to dress up like R2D2. The headsets have interchangeable colour panels and are claimed to be the smallest and lightest on the market at just 7.9 grams.

With up to 18 hours of talk-time, each headset comes complete with the compact "PowerBank" cradle that immediately charges the headset when not in the ear.

Each retail package includes three different-sized multiple soft ear pieces, A/C charging adapter and neck strap, along with the selected colored Bluetooth headset and "PowerBank" cradle. Additionally, the BluePearls BP7g offers accessories including a separate blister pack "Color Pack" including nine beautifully designed interchangeable face plates.

The face plate colors include, pearl silver, textured black, denim, pink, zebra, cheetah, orange, green swirl and camouflage.

The BluePearls enter the United States market later today with the opening of the CTIA Show in Las Vegas. The MSRP is US$79.95 for each headset and US$19.95 for each Color Pack accessory kit.

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