A BMW M5 has obliterated the world record for the greatest distance vehicle drift with a ridiculous eight hour, 232.5-mile (374.2 km) sideways jaunt at the Performance Center skid pad in South Carolina. Just to add a little more spice, the car was refueled jet fighter-style while in motion and the record for the longest twin vehicle drift was set on the same day.

BMW set a Guinness World Record with a 51.3-mile (82.6 km) drift back in 2013 but was knocked off its perch by a Toyota GT86 that covered 89.6 miles (144.2 km) in 2014.

The 232.5-mile record was set last month by BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz behind the wheel of a new F90-series M5.

Larger fuel tanks have been used in previous record attempts, but BMW went a step further this time and fitted the car with a custom dry break fuel system that saw the fuel filler moved to the quarter glass on the rear passenger window. This allowed the adventurous Matt Butts from project collaborator Detroit Speed to suspend himself out the rear passenger window of another M5 in order to connect and hold the fuel line to the filler. The fighter jet refueling arrangement allowed the record car to drift continuously over the eight hours.

To top the day off, BMW took both M5's and in 1 hour claimed a 49.25-mile (79.3 km) Guinness World Record for the longest twin vehicle drift, beating the 17.8-mile (28.7 km) record previously held by Nissan.

Schwartz and BMW Performance Center Chief Driving Instructor Matt Mullins, who drove the second M5, are demonstrating their drifting prowess in the 2018 BMW M5 at CES this week.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the new drift record record below.

Source: BMW

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