As networked features work their way into our cars, the world's big manufacturers are working hard to pass the benefits of constant communication between vehicles on to owners. BMW used Microsoft's Build event to launch a new Personal Mobility Companion app, designed to learn about drivers' commutes and apply traffic information to let them know when to leave home for arrival at their destination at just the right time.

Built around a flexible infrastructure called the Open Mobility Cloud, the system processes traffic data and information from a variety of sources and personalizes it based on who is using the application. The system also has the potential to quickly learn patterns and create effective responses.

What that means for users of the initial version of Personal Mobility Companion is information about when to leave so, theoretically, you're never late to regular events on your calendar. Having learned about where you go and what time you usually arrive, the app is able to analyze traffic and congestion data to let users know when they need to leave for a perfect, punctual arrival time.

The system isn't just hooked up to your iPhone or Apple Watch. Once you jump into the car it will then transfer your destination and route data to the navigation system. Once you've used the system a few times and created a pattern for places you visit frequently, they can be saved in the navigation system for easy access.

BMW's Personal Mobility Companion app is available for American iOS device users, and only works in tandem with cars equipped with the ConnectedDrive Services option fitted.

Source: BMW

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