Boardbug baby and child monitor for peace of mind

Boardbug baby and child monitor for peace of mind
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There are few moments in one's life which compare for sheer panic to that moment when you realise that your child is lost in a dangerous environment. A new combined baby and child monitor has been introduced in the UK that should significantly aid in reducing that terror. Using a wireless Radio Frequency transceiver system, the Boardbug Baby and Child Monitor is designed to help parents keep tabs on their babies and children. The Boardbug is small, has a range of up to 150 metres and a range of compelling functionality.

The Boardbug is completely portable and comes in two parts - one worn by the parent (a stylish watch, which can also be attached to a belt, or the central 'pebble' can be popped out and carried in a pocket and handbag) and the other by the child (a wrist band that can be attached to the child's wrist, to a belt-loop, buggy or carried in a child's pocket). As well as being a fully functional digital watch, the Boardbug operates in two modes - baby and child - and offers eight key functions.

Baby mode allows parents to monitor sound and temperature levels in their baby's room with a range of up to 150 metres (using a range bar indicator1), plus parents can set an alarm for regular feed times.

Conventional baby monitors are often let down by interference: not so with the Boardbug, as each unit has a unique code that cuts out interference caused by other monitors in the vicinity. Toddler mode allows parents to pre-set three different safety ranges so if their toddler wanders out of a chosen range, an alarm sounds on their parent unit - great news for those of us with toddlers who like to explore.

In addition there is a 'find me' button, which means parents can activate an alarm on their child's unit to help locate them if they go walkabout (farthest preset range for this function is 20 metres). In addition, each parent 'watch' can be paired with up to three individual child units to protect the whole family (separate child units will be available in stores very soon). Boardbug batteries have a life span of six months with normal usage.

The Boardbug will be available for just UK£99.99. The product was developed over four years by two British entrepreneurs, with the aid of a prestigious Smart Award grant from the UK Department of Trade and Industry's Small Business Service (SBS).

Using digital technology, the company's own Boardbug Inside Operating System (BBOS) allows the parent and child units to 'talk' to each other, within a range of up to 150 metres.

The Boardbug will alert you if the sound levels in your child's room rise above a certain level. Great if you want to sleep while your baby is sleeping - simply set the alert to 'vibrate'.

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