Getting away from it all in Germany, where there are 8000 camping grounds and an equally massive motorhome industry, you need to go just a bit further to escape the madding crowd. Bocklet caters to the adventure touring market by building “go anywhere” motorhomes for those who do not wish to travel the road well traveled, and the company's latest is the Unimog-based EUR 250,000 (USD 315,000) Dakar U685. Capable of carrying 330 liters of fuel and 300 liters of fresh water, the Dakar can take you a long way off the beaten track yet seemingly wanting for little. Creature comforts include diesel-powered heating and air conditioning, a hot water service, shower, toilet and kitchen, 110-liter refrigerator, 220 Ah battery, 260 watt solar panel, automatic battery charger, 1.2 kW inverter, satellite TV and a king sized bed. Anything else you need, just ask.

In the last quarter century, Koblenz-based Michael Bocklet's Bocklet Automotive GmbH has produced over 500 customized and highly ruggedized 4WD motorhomes which have not surprisingly, found their way to all corners of the globe.

The Dakar U685 is based on a U4000 Unimog truck chassis and powered by a 218 bhp 4.3 liter diesel engine. Years of refining the breed have produced a beast that can almost go anywhere. Note the almost complete lack of overhangs and beveled rear, designed so that you'll never hang the vehicle on something while traversing gullies.

Single tires are used to ensure the maximum traction in off-road conditions plus and low rolling resistance, and the vehicle has an in-cabin tire pressure control system so you can get every bit of traction available. If all else fails, that's a 7-ton anchor winch on the front bumper, though in practice, most winches on Bocklet's creations find far more application getting others off the hook.

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