The Bodice Rocker is part lounger, part work of art. When in a horizontal position, it's an ergonomic luxury chair, but it's when the person sitting down stands up and walks away that the magic happens.

Thanks to clever weighting the Bodice Rocker tips gently up until it's standing vertically. At this stage it takes on the appearance of a work of art; a shapely anthropomorphic sculpture that wouldn't look out of place in a swanky uptown gallery.

As well as masquerading as a work of art in the vertical position, the Bodice Rocker takes up less room when not in use. It may not be as practical as a stack of foldable chairs but it's certainly a lot easier on the eye.

The Bodice Rocker seen in the pictures and the video below is bound in white leather, but Splinter Works will customize each one to suit the individual. As well as changing the material used, it can be scaled to fit different sized rooms or different sized people.

UK-based Splinter Works (also responsible for this curvaceous carbon fiber bath/hammock) hasn't revealed a price for the Bodice Rocker, but as a limited edition piece tailored on a case-by-case basis, our guess is it won't come cheap.

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