Boeing has announced that the latest iteration of its ecoDemonstrator aircraft will fly under the FedEx Express livery. The Boeing 777 Freighter, which is being modified to test new technologies to make aircraft greener and more efficient, will fly in 2018 and includes new propulsion and flight deck advances.

FedEx has been flying Boeing's aircraft for 38 years. The 777 will be part of the ecoDemonstrator program for about three months before returning to regular duty with the FedEx fleet.

During the test, it will conduct trials of a compact thrust reverser designed to slow down the aircraft while using less fuel, more efficient flight deck layouts for dealing with busy airports, and new manufacturing techniques designed to reduce waste.

Previous ecoDemonstrators have included the Next-Generation 737-800, 787, 757, and Embraer 170.

"The ecoDemonstrator program is focused on harvesting exciting new technologies that will benefit our airline customers, the flying public and the environment," says Mike Sinnett, vice president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Product Development.