Glue will do in a pinch, but it isn't always the most effective stuff for home repairs. A few years ago, we saw a tool called Bondic, which fixes things by applying a layer of liquid plastic that will only set hard when it's exposed to an included UV light. Now the company is back with BondicEvo, a new model that reportedly improves the "liquid plastic welder."

Anyone who's ever glued their fingers together, waited ages for it to dry or had to throw out a tube of already-dried-up glue will see the value in being able to control when an adhesive hardens. The idea of UV-activated adhesives isn't new, but it's mostly been relegated to industrial equipment or things like dental fillings. The original Bondic seems to have been the first to bring the technique to the average Joe's toolbox, but it definitely wasn't the last.

In the new Kickstarter video, the team admits that the BondicEvo was inspired in part by frustration at copycats and a wish to separate themselves from the pack again, while also taking the opportunity to improve on the original design.

Like its predecessor, the business end of the BondicEvo is a needle that applies a special mix of liquid plastic, which hardens in four seconds when exposed to UV light. The tool can be used to bond plastic, metal, glass or other materials, and once it's dry, it can apparently withstand temperatures between -40º and 150º C (-40º and 302º F). Since it's triggered by UV light, the company suggests not using the tool in direct sunlight. And it can work underwater if you're so inclined.

Rather than the wand shape of the original Bondic, which had the applicator at one end and the light at the other, the BondicEvo has more of a pistol form factor. Not only should this make the device easier to hold, but the UV light is now built in just above the needle, so it doesn't need to be flipped over every time. Batteries for the light and cartridges of the liquid should also now be easier to swap out.

The BondicEvo is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. It's CA$45,000 (US$35,570) target has already been doubled as of writing, with 33 days remaining on the campaign.

Pledges start at CA$14 (US$11) for the Early Adopter Starter Kit, which includes the BondicEvo, a shaping tool, the UV LED, a tube of the formula, and a sticker. Higher pledges throw in a storage tin, more tubes of the liquid and other goodies. If all goes to plan, the company plans to start shipping the devices to backers in September.

Check out the BondicEvo in action in the campaign video below.

Source: Bondic

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