The near-ubiquity of smartphones has led to a boom in the Bluetooth speaker market, and consumers are spoiled for choice. How then can a manufacturer hope to attract attention in such an over-saturated space? Scosche reckons it's got the answer with boomBOTTLE: a rugged and portable Bluetooth speaker.

boomBOTTLE caters to the kind of people who want to listen to music while biking, hiking, camping, and enjoying other outside activities. The device features a non-slip, shock-absorbing exterior that’s said to withstand drops, knocks, and the teeth-rattling vibrations one experiences when biking at speed through rough terrain. It’s weatherproof too, with sealed rustproof speaker grilles also helping to keep out any nasty sweat or dust.

Owing to its bottle-like shape, boomBOTTLE will fit into most bike water bottle cages, and cup holders – setting it apart from similarly rugged products, like Braven's BRV-1. The unit measures 2.85 x 8.1-inches (8 x 20 cm), and sports enough battery power on-board for up to ten hours of continuous playback (a micro USB cable is included for charging).

Two 3 W speaker drivers, a passive subwoofer, and a pair of omnidirectional diffusers combine to push out what Scosche describes as “360-degrees of immersive sound.” A mic is also integrated for hands-free calls. The Bluetooth 4.0 chip has a range of 33 feet (10 meters), but an auxiliary input is available for hooking-up non-Bluetooth devices.

boomBOTTLE is compatible with iOS devices, Samsung’s Galaxy S III and S IV models, in addition to a range of netbooks and tablets. When paired, tracks can be skipped, paused, and stopped from the speaker itself.

boomBOTTLE is available now from Scosche in gray, for US$149.95. Blue, pink, yellow, and green versions are set to be released in May.

Product page: Scosche

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