Back in 2010, Virginia-based Evatran Group teased with the promise of a wireless charging system for electric vehicles in the United States. Three years later, thanks to a partnering arrangement with Bosch’ Automotive Solutions group, that vision is now a reality.

The Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging System is the first wireless charging system for EVs to be made commercially available in the US. Similar to pad-based mobile phone charging units like the Wildcharge and Powermat, this system uses electro-magnetic induction to charge the vehicle through a specially developed parking pad.

Installed by Bosch, this floor mounted parking pad measures 22 in wide x 18 in long x 2.5 in deep (56 x 46 x 6 cm) and works in combination with a special vehicle adapter. Charging starts as soon as the driver maneuvers their chosen EV over the pad and the system identifies the vehicle adapter. To ensure proper alignment, a wall-mounted panel that is hardwired to a dedicated 240V 30 Amp supply provides guidance and diagnostic details as well as real-time charging status of the vehicle.

Details for charging times are unavailable but there will be some energy loss during transfer, with Bosch quoting a 3.6 kW input and 3.3 kW power output for the system. Cost of the system ranges from US$2,998 to $3,098 depending on the vehicle. This doesn't include installation of the pad, which will be carried out by a Bosch-certified electrician, or the on-vehicle components, which are carried out at Bosch Car Service centers.

Currently, the website shows the induction system is compatible with both Nissan’s Leaf and the Chevy Volt.

Source: Bosch

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