In a continuously cacophonous world, there may be few pleasures greater than a personal bubble of comfortable silence to ease the mind. Bose, known for pioneering active noise cancelling (ANC) tech, has evolved a couple if its top models for a more convenient experience. Both the over-ear QuietComfort 35 and in-ear QuietControl 30 headphones add Bluetooth wireless to the company's leading ANC tech.

We reviewed the Bose QuietComfort 25 a little over a year ago and found the headphones pretty hard to beat for the attributes versus the price. Fast-forward to today, where Bose is the latest company to earn a collective – and joyous – sigh of relief as consumers finally have a Bluetooth wireless option of its most popular noise-canceling model.

The design of the Bose QuietComfort 35 remains true to its predecessor, maintaining a lightweight build that folds up compact for travel. Users can now opt for a silver colorway, whereas previous models were dressed only in black (we last saw silver on the two-generations-back Q15).

Packing microphones in and outside each ear cup, the QuietComfort 35 measures sounds and uses proprietary chips to promptly nullify unwanted noise with equal and opposite signals.

Bose says the QC35's built-in battery can play up to 20 hours per charge. Users no longer need to carry spare AAA batteries, as these headphones can plug in with the same USB cables used to power mobile devices. While that will save owners some money, it could also be seen as a drawback for some, as AAA batteries mean you can instantly re-power a dead pair.

Arguably more interesting than the over-ear QuietComfort 35 is the neckband-styled, in-ear QuietControl 30 – the wireless successor to Bose's wired QuietComfort 20 ANC earbuds. Bose has managed to integrate a total of six microphones into the compact, wireless earbuds for effective noise-canceling. But instead having a simple on/off switch for ANC, the QuietControl 30 has adjustable levels of cancellation that are separate from volume control. Users can block out a desired amount of background noise, leaving just enough for situational awareness.

In addition to the QC35 and QC30, Bose has introduced two new in-ear headphones designed for active people. The Bluetooth wireless Soundsport and Soundsport Pulse are sweat- and water-resistant, lasting up to five and six hours (respectively) per charge. Both models have special sport-version ear tips that are designed to stay in place, even through vigorous exercise. The Soundsport Pulse also has a built-in heart rate monitor that is compatible with Runkeeper, Endomondo and other fitness apps.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 and Soundsport headphones are available to purchase nowfor US$350 and $150, respectively. The Bose QuietControl 30 and Soundport Pulse headphones will be available sometime this September for $300 and $200, respectively.

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