With Apple recently updating its iPad, German aftermarket tuning company Brabus has taken the opportunity to update its iBusiness multimedia system for Mercedes' S-Class vehicles to version 2.0. The iBusiness 2.0 system integrates one or two iPad 2 tablets into the rear compartment of the Mercedes S-Class that are connected via Wi-Fi to an Internet-connected Mac mini housed in the trunk. Through an app, the iPad 2 can be used to control not only the on-board entertainment system, but all the functions of the S-Class COMAND system, such as radio, navigation and phone, from the rear seat.

The iPad/s sit upon a custom-tailored version of the Brabus table that sees the devices rest against the backrest of the front seats. The electrically deployed and adjustable leather-covered tabletop features recesses for holding the iPad and Apple's Bluetooth keyboard. There's also a 15.2-inch 16:9 TFT display – also electrically deployed – on the roof of the cabin that serves as an auxiliary monitor for the iPad, while additional screens built into the back of the front seats can be used for watching digital TV broadcasts or other video content via the UMTS and HDSPA Internet connections.

Other peripherals, such as digital cameras, can also be connected to the Mac mini thanks to USB 2.0 ports integrated into the rear compartment, while music is provided by a 64 GB iPod touch. Sound can be routed through the vehicle's sound system or through the provided Sennheiser Noise Gard headphones that employ noise reduction technology to filter out ambient noise. By updating it for iPad 2, the iBusiness 2.0 system also gets to take advantage of the iPad 2's video conferencing capabilities.

When not in use, or to keep them away from prying eyes when parked, the iPad 2's can be hidden away in custom-tailored compartments in the vehicle's center console where an integrated docking station tops up the devices' batteries.

Brabus will install its iBusiness 2.0 system on any current S-Class model from the S 350 to the S 65, while the twelve-cylinder S 600 and S 65 models can also be upgraded with the BRABUS 800 V12 Biturbo engine. This engine produces 800 hp (788 bhp)/588 kW at 5,500 rpm and boasts a peak torque of 1,420 Nm, available from 2,100 rpm, but is electronically limited to 1,100 Nm.

Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 3.9 seconds, while 200 km/h (124 mph) is reached in 10.3 seconds, on the way to an electronically limited top speed of 350 km/h (219 mph). This, combined with the iBusines 2.0 system adds up to what Brabus calls, "the world's fastest office on wheels."

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