Ever found yourself staring wistfully into the distance while waiting for your memory card content to upload, only be struck with an ingenious brainwave and find there’s not a pen or paper in sight to jot it down with? Well, so you're ready whenever inspiration strikes, Brando has released the USB Moody Card Reader with Erasable Memo Pad.

The card reader has four slots to cater for most memory card types, and also aims to de-clutter the workspace by including a memo pad on top that can be scrawled upon time and time again, thanks to the included special pen that both writes and erases.

The “Moody” in the name is due to the little unit’s funky assortment of colored back-lighting which illuminates the written musings.

No stranger to innovation in this department, Brando are selling these funky little multi-taskers for US$14.

Via Dvice

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