In 2012, Brazilian 4x4 manufacturer Troller, which was purchased by Ford Brazil in 2007, provided a sneak preview of what its next T4 utility vehicle would look like with its TR-X concept. It has now folded the look and feel of that concept into the new production T4, a 4x4 that is making other parts of the world beg Ford for a rebadged export.

The new T4 loses its Wrangler-like slatted grille in a dramatic front-end overhaul that leaves it looking a little more like an FJ Cruiser. The front-end design is nearly identical to the TR-X, save for a few minor alterations below the grille. That grille is set between two muscular front fenders and floating body-color bumper segments a little lower down. The new face gives it a stronger, more commanding first impression than the outgoing T4.

The London Gray up front can also be found on the roof, side sills, door mounts, rear bumper and tailgate, all of which provide contrast with the primary color of the composite body. The T4 loses the framed side mirrors of the TR-X design in favor of simple, tall mirrors like those on the outgoing model. It also loses the snorkel, though the high, passenger side air intake is positioned perfectly for just such an add-on. Like both the older T4 and the TR-X, the new T4 has external door hinges.

Troller stresses the off-road capabilities of the T4 without getting into all the details of its mechanical construction. The car is powered by a 3.2-liter diesel engine, which may or may not be updated from the 165-hp 3.2 equipped in the current generation model. That engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Troller showed the new T4 over the weekend, and it should launch in the near future. It will be built in Brazil, and as nice as it'd be to have a new Wrangler/Land Rover/FJ Cruiser competitor in the United States, it appears that the T4 will be staying put in Brazil.

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