• Science
    ​As you remember from Jurassic Park, velociraptors were known for terrifying claws on their toes. A newly-discovered dinosaur from a related species was packing twice as many weapons. Vespersaurus paranaensis has been found to brandish two large claws on each foot, supporting itself on just one toe.
  • MAPA Architects has been producing its Minimod line of prefabricated homes for several years now. The firm's latest project involved it overcoming difficult conditions in southern Brazil to install an appealing green-roofed retreat in the forest.
  • Researchers from the California Academy of Science (CAS) have discovered a new species of fish that looks pretty hard to miss with its neon green, pink and yellow coloring.
  • ​​Homes that come in easy-to-assemble flat-packed components are gaining in popularity, and a new SysHaus to pop up in São Paulo, Brazil is undoubtedly one of the more impressive we’ve seen. It was designed with sustainability in mind, right down to its tasteful, low-maintenance garden surrounds.
  • This enviable luxury residence in Porto Feliz, São Paulo, Brazil, was designed by Studio MK27's Marcio Kogan, with Lair Reis. It opens up to the outside with operable glazing and is topped by a concrete roof that's covered in greenery and designed to blend in with its landscaped garden.
  • ​​While known predominantly for the flashy cars it dreams up, Pininfarina sure isn't afraid to put its creativity to use in other areas. Now its dive into urban architecture has returned a curvy apartment building in Brazil, which it bills at its first ever residential tower.​
  • ​“Mini-brains” grown in the lab are useful models of the real thing, giving researchers an accurate neuroscience platform without testing on animals. Now, a team of scientists from Brazil have doped the mini-brains with a form of the psychedelic drug DMT, to study the effects on neural pathways.
  • Life is adept at adapting, and the environment is changing faster than ever thanks to us. Evolution is normally thought of in millions of years, but a new study has observed how human activity has directly driven separate populations of geckos to evolve new attributes in the space of just 15 years.
  • In a particular patch of Brazilian forest, the trademark sound of howler monkeys has been replaced by an eerie silence as the creatures fall prey to an outbreak of yellow fever. While tragic, one researcher says the event could offer valuable insight into simian ecology.
  • Volvo unveiled the chassis for what it's calling the largest bus in the world at the FetransRio exhibition in Rio de Janeiro last week​. Destined for service in South America, the Gran Artic 300 will have room for 300 passengers inside its bendy bi-articulating body when it reaches production.
  • Tectoy has opened preorders for a new production run of the Sega Mega Drive (known as Sega Genesis in the US), which is modeled on the original, plays existing cartridges and uses wired controllers, but also features a couple of modern conveniences like an SD card slot and 22 pre-installed games.
  • Like it or not, the number of SUVs roaming around our city streets is growing at an alarming rate. You can barely cover a block without seeing a Mazda CX-3 or Honda HR-V, so it's no surprise Nissan is keen to get a bigger slice of the pie with the brand-new Kicks.