MAPA Architects has been producing its Minimod line of prefabricated homes for several years now. The firm's latest project involved it overcoming difficult conditions in southern Brazil to install an appealing green-roofed retreat in the forest.

The Curucaca, named after the valley it's located in, is constructed from CLT (cross-laminated timber) and raised on stilts a little above the ground. Its exterior is finished in black timber and the home is topped by a green roof, which really does help it blend in, especially when seen from above.

A representative from Brazil and Uruguay-based MAPA Architects told us that the biggest challenge of the project was the location of the plot. It's located in a small clearing within a dense rainforest and required the firm to work in difficult conditions while trying to ensure that the surrounding forest wasn't unduly disturbed.

"The Curucaca Valley is located in the mountainous region of southern Brazil," says MAPA Architects. "The landscape is marked by intense visual and rugged topography, covered by vegetation typical of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The Minimod lies in a clearing in the middle of this dense forest landscape, near a steep gorge that offers an imposing view of the valley."

The interior of the Curucaca measures a total of 90 sq m (968 sq ft) and is spread over one floor. It features very generous glazing, even in the bathrooms – presumably privacy isn't an issue in such a rural location – and has a simple wood finish inside.

A large central living and dining area takes up most of the available floorspace, which contains a wood-burning stove, a sofa, a kitchen area, and a dining table. A bedroom and an adjoining bathroom are located on each side of this area and the home also opens up to a couple of small covered porches with sliding glass doors.

The Curucaca was completed in late 2018.

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