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Brinno's Digital Peephole Viewer lets you see who's knocking at your door

Brinno's Digital Peephole Viewer lets you see who's knocking at your door
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If you enjoy your privacy and like to keep unexpected guests at bay, then a new security device from Brinno might be just what you need. Simply press a button and the Digital Peephole Viewer gives you a clear, wide view of your visitor via an LCD screen. Another press and you can zoom in for a closer peek. It gets better though - unlike regular peepholes, this one doesn't darken whilst viewing - so your visitor will never know you can see them.

The Peephole Viewer compensates for low lighting and "fisheye" distortion, and is suitable for people of all heights. It is also ideal for people with failing eyesight as it affords a clear, wide view and a zoom-in function. Repeatedly pressing the button will allow you to switch easily between regular and zoom modes. Each press of the button will reset the timer for ten seconds.

Powered by two AA batteries - that's about 1500 peeps - the Peephole Viewer automatically turns off after ten seconds to conserve battery life. The red low battery light will flash to alert you to change batteries. The viewer is fitted with a 1.3 MP CMOS sensor and the optical lens has a view angle of 54 degrees.

The Digital Peephole Viewer can be fitted to two standard door sizes but at this stage, it is only available in Australia for approx. AUD$160 (US$140).

Via Apartment Therapy Unplugged via Red Ferret

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