BRP BV2S Snowmobile Helmet Concept

BRP BV2S Snowmobile Helmet Con...
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August 11, 2006 In the beginning, snowmobile helmets were motorcycle helmets, often failing to meet the injury protection standards of the day, and invariably quite unsuitable for the severe winter conditions encountered snowmobiling. In addition to the extreme windchill factor, the most pressing problem with adapting a motorcycle helmet to snowmobiling is the fogging of the visor, which caused many a heart palpitation as riders attempted to lift the visor to defog it or risked the inevitable of riding with partially obscured vision in what is essentially a sight-response sport. Bombardier Recreational Products has been working in the recreational product field for a long time now and in recent times its inspired recreational machine concepts for 2025 have been a huge hit with Gizmag fans, most notably in the form of the Embrio One-Wheel Concept and recreational watercraft. The BV2S is a helmet system designed to offer an improved experience when riding a snowmobile and represents the best effort so far to tackle the issues of breathing out and maintaining a crystal clear visor.

The B and V in the acronym stands for Breathing and Vision. The helmet also includes a sun visor to directly shield the eyes when riding into the sun, optional reading light and a dropping mouthpiece to ease communication.

Since its conception the BVS2 has won a number of prestigious awards including a 2005 Red Dot Award and the IDEA Consumer Product Silver Award.

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Rebecca Hurst
Thanks for the information! I need to buy my husband some snowmobile gear, and a new helmet is at the top of my list. I really like the look of this one! I hope I can find it for a good price!