You may think that Australia's Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is majestic enough. British artist Bruce Munro, however, has created a solar-powered light installation close to the rock formation that he hopes will give visitors an even more magical experience.

Munro conceived of his idea for an artwork that would "bloom at night" during a visit to Uluru in 1992 and has been planning for it to be exhibited there ever since. While it's been developed and exhibited in a number of places in the meantime, only now has it come to the place for which the idea was originally conceived.

The Field of Light installation comprises 50,000 frosted glass spheres on stems, which are connected by over 380 km (236 mi) of fiber optic cable. Using 144 projectors as light sources, the spheres, stems and cables are illuminated in a host of different colors. The installation is said to have taken over 2,800 hours to design and build in the UK, and a further 3,900 hours to recreate on site.

The effect is to make the otherwise dark 49,000-sq m (527,000-sq ft) area on which the exhibit is installed awash with color, via what look like tall luminous flowers. Visitors to the installation are able to walk around the circular installation, which has a diameter of 250 m (820 ft), and amongst the "flowers." Admission costs from AU$35.

The Field of Light installation opened on April 1st and will run through until March 31st, 2017.

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