Nothing ruins a glass of soda like taking a sip and realizing it's gone flat in the fridge. What's more, it's a waste of money to then pour the rest of it away down the sink. A new family of devices from Bubl promises to put the fizz back into flat soda, be it at home or away.

The three devices that make up that Bubl family are each designed for use at different times. The Bubl itself is most like a Sodastream, in that is made for tabletop use at home. The device features a 500 ml (17 oz) acrylic bottle that holds the liquid to be carbonated and screws into a spherical dock into which CO2 cartridges are loaded.

The Portabubl is designed, as its name suggests, for portability. It uses the same acrylic bottle for containing drinks, but has a small handheld gun into which the CO2 cartridges are loaded. The Portabubl cartridges are slightly smaller than those used by the Bubl, carbonating around 12 L (2.6 gal) of liquid compared to 18 L (4 gal) for the Bubl. The cartridges will also last longer when carbonating colder liquids.

Whilst the Bubl and Portabubl devices perform much the same task as a Sodastream by carbonating any drink that the user chooses, the third member of the family, the Rebubl, is designed to maintain the carbonation of drinks that are already fizzy. A specially designed cap is screwed onto the top of a fizzy drink bottle and works with the Portabubl gun to re-carbonate a drink as required.

A Kickstarter campaign is being run to raise funds for the Bubl family of devices. If everything goes to plan and the campaign reaches its target, individuals will receive a Portabubl with a bottle for a £75 (US$124) pledge, a Bubl with a bottle for a £120 (US$199) pledge, and a full set including a Rebubl for a £190 (US$315) pledge.

The company says it plans to make replacement CO2 cartridges (which are recyclable) available for sale online and in stores.

The Kickstarter video pitch for the Bubl family of products can be viewed below.

Source: Bubl

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