Buell 1125R: high performance sportsbike showcases all-new Buell platform

Buell 1125R: high performance ...
Buell 1125R
Buell 1125R
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Buell 1125R
Buell 1125R
First liquid-cooled engine to power a street-legal Buell
First liquid-cooled engine to power a street-legal Buell

August 6, 2007 Buell has announced the upcoming release of the 1125R – its first litre-class motorcycle built on an all-new Buell platform including a freshly developed liquid-Cooled V-Twin engine described as the most-powerful street-legal engine ever offered by the company. Just about every aspect of the bike has been changed from previous models – new chassis, fairing, front-brake, muffler, clutch… and on it goes, but the biggest news is the 1125cc DOHC V-Twin Helicon power plant developed in a collaboration between Buell and BRP-Rotax that aims to combine superbike power with the smooth torque characteristics of a V-Twin. The engine redlines at 10500 rpm, produces its 146 crankshaft horsepower at 9800 rpm and 82ft/lbs of peak torque at 8000 rpm. The Buell 1125R is expected to arrive in Buell dealerships in at the end of 2007.

The Buell 1125R Helicon engine is the first liquid-cooled engine to power a street-legal Buell motorcycle. The Helicon engine was designed to Buell specifications and will be manufactured in Austria by BRP-Rotax. “We designed the 1125R from the rider down,” said Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer at Buell Motorcycle Company. “The 1125R takes Buell to a new level of performance, while continuing to embrace the fundamental Buell principles of motorcycle design and offering a great motorcycle riding experience.”

The design meets Buell’s overall goals of mass centralization, low unsprung weight and chassis rigidity in a number of ways. The engine is cradled in a new “Intuitive Response Chassis” (IRC) with massive, rigid aluminium spars that double as the fuel reservoir. In frame fuel capacity is 5.6 gal (22.2L). An all-new front fairing and radiator cowling developed using the latest computational fluid dynamics models provides superior aerodynamics, rider comfort, and efficient air flow to the longitudinal radiators and a ram-air intake system.

The front wheel is supported by 47 mm inverted forks and a new Buell ZTL2 front brake features an eight-piston calliper which is based on the brake developed for the Buell XBRR racing motorcycle. The six-speed transmission is mated to a new HVA (Hydraulic Vacuum Assist) Slipper Action clutch that uses engine vacuum to boost clutch-lever action and to provide a “slipper” effect when the engine is down-shifted at speed. The underslung muffler is also new and features dual brushed stainless steel outlets.

Rider positioning is enhanced by adjustable toe levers on both the brake and shift foot controls that match rider foot size. The instrument cluster features a large analogue tachometer, a digital speedometer and an Onboard Diagnostic Information System screen. The fairing shape is inspired by the Buell XBRR and features six-bulb headlamps. LED turn signals are integrated into the mirror housings.

The Buell 1125R is available with Midnight Black bodywork, Diamond Blue wheels, Diamond Blue frame and swingarm, and Fusion Bronze engine trim. The bike is due for release in the States in late 2007 at a cost of US$11,995.

Full specs and video can be found at the Buell website.

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