July 15, 2008 Increasingly, building managers and government organizations are finding they have to adopt more sophisticated security systems to protect their employees, customers and buildings from security threats. Where once employees may have been greeted by a friendly guard, they may now be required to enter complex identification codes and perhaps even have their fingers scanned before they can gain access to their office building.

Hirsch Electronics has manufactured the Verification Station to help deal with the complex nature of building security. The RUU GEN Verification Station is a high-security, multi-purpose biometric system which allows the administrator to select and change at will the means of entry to a building if the security situation changes.

For example, the administrator may choose to have employees use smart cards or fingerprints or they may have to use a number of authentication processes, perhaps their finger and smart card or their finger, smart card and identification code.

The unit is IP addressable and Power over Ethernet (PoE) ready and includes a ScramblePad which randomly scrambles the unique identification code entered by the user each time the start button is pushed, meaning a bystander cannot acquire the code by observing the buttons that were pressed and no wear pattern appears on the buttons. The ScramblePad has horizontal and vertical light guides that narrow the viewing field so the user is the only person who can see the display clearly and the user is given a unique identification code for which they are held accountable.

The unit also includes contact and contact-less smart card readers, a Cogent Systems minutiae-based fingerprint biometric reader and an LCD display.

To gain access to a building, a user may be required to do the following; insert their Contact Smart Card, enter their unique pin number, place their finger on the fingerprint plate and when all three operations match they will have their identity confirmed and authenticated.

Features of the RUU GEN Verification System

  • Four Applications in One Unit: Issuance; Remote Verification; Enrollment to PACS; Door/Gate Access Reader
  • Standalone or Networked
  • Protected PIN: Scrambling Digits Display; Viewing Restrictors; Privacy
  • Contact Card Reader
  • Contactless Card Reader
  • LCD Display
  • Rugged, All-Weather Housing

The Hirsch Verification Station was recently selected by Buildings magazine as a 2008 Editors’ Choice Top Product Pick.

For more details see Hirsch Electronics.