This is one home security alarm you won't want to trigger by mistake! Burglar Blaster mounts on a wall inside the home, and once armed, uses an infrared beam to detect when an intruder has entered the house. It then emits a cloud of pepper spray, that will severely inconvenience anyone within 2,000 square feet (186 square meters).

The Burglar Blaster runs for up to four years on a set of eight C cell batteries, so it requires no electrical skills to install. Its 4-ounce (118-ml) pepper spray canister has a shelf life of three years, and can be replaced without tools.

As with other types of home security systems, users arm the Blaster, then have a set amount of time in which to leave their home before it kicks in. When it detects an intruder, the device will first emit a warning tone. This gives homeowners who accidentally trigger the Blaster a chance to disarm it before the spray is released. Its creators claim that because of the high frequency of the tone, intruders won't be able to trace the sound to its source.

If it should go off, the oleoresin capsicum aerosol (pepper spray) should dissipate within three to four hours. Hopefully the burglar will be gone by that time, and not waiting around to exact revenge on the person responsible for their dousing.

The Burglar Blaster is made by Heracles Research Corporation, and costs US$600.