For those who go in for outdoor television viewing with a big dash of ostentation, Porsche Design Studio of Zell am See, Austria offers the C SEED 201 LED television. This 201-inch (5.11 m) 16:9 LED behemoth isn't just enormous, it also rises out of the ground like something out of a Bond film and unfolds itself in less than 30 seconds.

The Red Dot "Best of the Best 2012" design award winner, the C SEED 201 is billed by Porsche Design Studio as the “world’s largest television.” It is certainly the one that makes the most dramatic entrance. At a touch of its wand-like remote, it rises out of its water-resistant well to a height of up to 15 feet (4.6 m) and unfolds its seven LED panels in 25 seconds. If moving your lawn chair is too much effort, the television can rotate up to 135 degrees.

The C SEED 201 was developed by Porsche Design Studio in association with C SEED ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS and Lighthouse Technologies. It uses a high-resolution display made up of 725,000 LEDs capable of creating 4.4 trillion colors at 5000 nits of brightness for viewing in full sunlight at a wide angle range. Inside the carbon-fiber column is the C SEED 201’s three 700-watt subwoofers.

Instead of rabbit ears, the C SEED 201 uses a multi-source media server running on Windows 7 with fiber-optic cable connections to provide HD video and audio. To prevent unauthorized use, there’s even fingerprint recognition to unlock the controls. Since it’s designed for outdoor use, the super-television even has environmental sensors complete with lasers to protect the screen from damage in the event of foul weather.

There's no price quoted, but we’re guessing that it’s the opposite of cheap.

The video below shows the C SEED 201 in action.

Source: C SEED via Uncrate

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