Polish design and architecture studio Zup-a has developed a tiny beach cabin that is clad in raw wooden tiles. Dubbed "Cabin by the Sea", the single bedroom home is built around a central living cube, which not only comprises a kitchen, study and bathroom suites, but also separates the home into its separate quarters.

"The inspiration for the house on the beach is to create a holiday/seasonal house which is built close to nature," the Zup-a team tells New Atlas. "Also, nature itself was an inspiration. We like the project of Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion by Snøhetta, which fits in perfectly with a natural environment."

The 76-sq m (818-sq ft) home is designed to be built with a reinforced concrete and wooden structure. The facade is made of structural plaster and raw wooden tiles, which is an extension of the roof. A dedicated place to relax by the fireplace was designed as a wooden and glassed terrace facing the sea, offering optimal views across the seaside landscape.

The home is insulated with XPS Styrofoam and foam glass, ideal due to its light weight, strength, thermal and acoustic properties. Furthermore, a rainwater harvesting system was designed as a sustainable feature of the home. Rainwater is collected, purified and re-used in the bathroom and kitchen.

"Small spaces are difficult to design, because you have to put all the necessary zones into this area so that the interior becomes usable," says the Zup-a team. "In small interiors every single centimeter has to be carefully designed. We like it when everything has its reason."

In order to make the best use of the limited space as possible, the interior of the home is organized around a central service-core, which makes up the kitchen unit, bathroom, workplace and storage space. The home also features a dining room and a lounge area with glassed bay window and an elevated loft bedroom.

"The character of the interior is designed in a modern, rustic style," says the Zup-a team. "We like the terrace with a view of the sea, where you can sit on a bench and relax after a dynamic day. In addition, we like the central part in which we designed as the core with basic services."

Cabin By the Sea is priced at approximately €35,000 (US$43,420) in Poland, while the firm anticipates that abroad costs should be comparable.

Source: Zup-a via Designboom

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