Barcelona-based design studio Anna and Eugeni Bach Architects has recently turned its hand to transforming an old single bedroom apartment in Valencia, Spain. Dubbed Cabinet Studio Apartment, the 77-sq m (829-sq ft) home boasts interior furnishings and design elements that play with the eye to create the illusion of extra space. To achieve this the architects took advantage of the home's corner position and designed the interior spaces with 45-degree angles.

The Cabinet Studio Apartment is filled with specifically designed and positioned elements, such as contrasting 3D geometric and mosaic tile flooring, white walls, a small elevated "door", skinny timber wall staircase, extra tall doors and super high ceilings. The combination of the home's angular floor plan, geometric design elements and interior furnishings gives the impression of additional space.

Walking through the home one could be forgiven for feeling like they were on the Alice in Wonderland film set – the home even includes a secret doorway hidden within the timber feature wall, leading to the concealed bathroom.

The Cabinet Studio Apartment features a large entrance hall, open plan kitchen with dining area, master bedroom, bathroom with separate shower and toilet, and a large living room with connecting balcony. The key feature of the home is the bespoke service wall that runs through the core of the home and adjoins the three rooms. Anna and Eugeni Bach Architects built the central wooden functional wall to provide the home with all the services it needs without stealing space from the home's principal rooms.

Running along the 45-degree trendline of the home, the functional service wall features a European style kitchen, ample storage, bookshelf, hidden bathroom, and an elevated loft. The elevated loft space is accessible via the skinny wall steps and is designed to be used as storage space, mezzanine study or additional sleeping quarters for unexpected guests or the grandchildren. Although, we'd like to see a few more safety measure included before giving access to kids, as the open steps and height are already red flags.

The Cabinet Studio Apartment in Valencia will be used as an architectural study piece for the next 15 years, with the plan for it to be used for retirement living in the future.

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