Leaving the car at home and biking to work certainly has its benefits - to the air we breathe, to the fitness of the rider and to the bank balance. For white collar workers though, this presents an attire problem - unsightly creases, mud splashes and a soaking from the elements don't do much for your business suit. The Cambridge Design Partnership has just announced a possible alternative to stowing away a spare suit at the office or trying to flatten out the creases with a portable iron - the Suitpack. Just out of prototyping, the design is designed to keep clothing crumple-free while commuting to work, and has various compartments for storing accessories and shoes.

If you think you've seen this sort of thing before in Gizmag, you'd be right. Despite claims by Cambridge Design of the novel nature of its Suitpack design, we featured a very similar product about 18 months ago from Tony Higson. Suit Commute even managed a spot on TV when Higson took his then concept design before the business tycoon panel of the BBC's popular Dragon's Den series, but is currently not available. Higson told us that it's currently being upgraded, and will be re-released shortly.

Like Suit Commute, Suitpack features a lightweight, compact outer shell with compartments within for the safe storage of toiletries, shoes, and a laptop in addition to the spanking fresh, roll-fold suit. Cambridge Design says that Suitpack has been designed to easily hang up in the locker or shower room as a convenient changing station to swap out of the sweaty commute clothes and into the business suit, and sports a photovoltaic panel for charging an integrated LED safety light.

The company points out that its backpack is not just for cyclists. Commuters who hit the gym before the office, runners who still want to impress with their dress and those who regular travel by air, could all find the Suitpack of use.

The Cambridge Design Partnership is currently on the lookout for manufacturing partners to take its Suitpack concept beyond prototyping.