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Camouflage speakers for the great outdoors

Camouflage speakers for the gr...
Niles Audio Corporation outdoor speakers
Niles Audio Corporation outdoor speakers
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Niles Audio Corporation outdoor speakers
Niles Audio Corporation outdoor speakers

May 9, 2008 Hooking up an outdoor sound system for your backyard can be unsightly with big black speakers unable to blend in with the surrounds. This line of outdoor speakers from Niles Audio Corporation is designed to address these issues by mimicking the appearance of common backyard items.

The line features the RS6Si series GeoRealistic weatherproof rock loudspeaker and the PB6Si and PS6Si series outdoor planter speakers. They may not look or sound as impressive as a pair of high-end MUON speakers, but they will fit in with your poolside array as if they weren’t there. To combat the weather, all of the speakers have double seals on the woofer, tweeter and bottom cover and are tested to exceed US Military Standard 883 (MIL-STD-833) for salt fog, operating temperature, storage temperature, UV exposure and humidity.

The GeoRealistic rock speaker comes in granite, speckled granite, sandstone, coral and shale brown. Featuring Niles proprietary injection molded TCC 6” woofer and two 1" Tetron tweeters, the RS6Si can be operated in three modes: monaural, traditional two-speaker stereo or single speaker stereo input. Utilizing Niles’ Cone Forward design, the drive unit is positioned as close to the grille as possible, ensuring a transparent, open and dynamic sound with precise stereo imaging.

Capable of holding live plants and flowers, the two planter box designs complement your outdoor décor with finish options of classic terracotta or weathered concrete. They feature Niles’ proprietary, 6.5” dual voice coil woofer and two 1” fluid-cooled Tetron tweeters. Designed to handle the harshest of environments, each model is made of fiberglass and is protected by a UV-resistant paint. Drainage holes ensure plants will stay healthy, while screens allow for acoustic transparency and keep bugs and debris at bay. The discrete loudspeakers are wired for one-speaker stereo input or two-speaker stereo mode and a trouble-free connection is insured by dual 3” burial-rated connection cables with waterproof wire-nuts.

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