Canon adds barcode and locking systems to new Studio Version of EOS 7D DSLR

Canon adds barcode and locking...
Canon has announced a "Studio Version" of its EOS 7D DSLR
Canon has announced a "Studio Version" of its EOS 7D DSLR
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Canon's WFT-E5A unit
Canon's WFT-E5A unit
Canon has announced a "Studio Version" of its EOS 7D DSLR
Canon has announced a "Studio Version" of its EOS 7D DSLR

Canon has announced a “Studio Version” of its popular EOS 7D DSLR. With an optional new barcode system that allows users to embed information directly into images and a “locking” feature that allows users to disable unwanted features and settings for studio environments the EOS 7D Studio Version is geared towards studio, event and school photographers looking for a way to streamline the organization of images.

Customized locking

The locking feature provides four different lock levels allowing users to enable the appropriate level of camera functionality for different studio operations. Canon says unlocking individual features according to specific needs will provide users both reliability and repeatability of the resulting images. To guard against any unauthorized person with a different vision from the changing the camera settings the locking feature is guarded by a daily password.

Barcode system

Canon’s new Barcode Solution is designed to help automate data management when shooting large scale events such as school photoshoots, or organizing medical images while maintaining patient anonymity. Once enabled, the barcode option allows customer, organizational, patient and/or other data to be embedded directly in the image file’s EXIF data by scanning a barcode for identification when reviewing the completed work. The optional Barcode Kit needed for barcode scanning Kit comes with Canon’s WFT-E5A unit which can scan and manage customer data through a wired connection, while a wireless system configuration is also possible using Canon’s BU-30 Bluetooth adapter. Existing WFT-E5A units will require a firmware update to enable Barcode functionality which needs to be done at a Canon Factory Service center.

Canon's WFT-E5A unit
Canon's WFT-E5A unit

The system is compatible with the Honeywell 3800 and Honeywell 3820 barcode scanners for scanning via Bluetooth, and the Honeywell 4600 for scanning 1D and 2D barcodes.

"We know professional photographers are constantly searching for ways to simplify the workflow process," said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. "With the addition of the new EOS 7D Studio Version camera, professionals and business owners can be confident that data management will be streamlined and they can focus on the current task at hand."

The Canon EOS 7DSV (body only) will sell for US$1,829, while the EOS 7DSV Barcode Kit, which includes the EOS 7DSV and WFT-E5A with firmware change, will retail for $2,599. Both are available by special order through select Canon authorized dealers.

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Hi, i REALY would like to find out where i can get one og these scanners for the 7D. can you tell me where i can get one?
I have asked my Canon Dealer here in NZ but they dont know yet, seeing this was news to them.
thanks Ian
- the information in the story came from Canon USA so it looks like your options are either to contact a Canon dealer in the U.S. or wait until a wider worldwide release. Sorry. Ed.