Canon's PowerShot SX230 HS - built-in GPS, 14X zoom, 12.1-MPX and 1080P video

Canon's PowerShot SX230 HS - built-in GPS, 14X zoom, 12.1-MPX and 1080P video
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The capability of the compact camera continues to move forward at warp speed with Canon today announcing its latest PowerShot SX230 HS model, complete with 14X optical zoom, 12.1-Megapixel images and 1080P video. The integation of a GPS receiver in the SX230 HS is another pushing of the boundaries – in addition to the logical recording of the latitude and longitude of where the image was taken in each image's EXIF data, the camera comes with mapping software so you can see where the pics were taken on a map, plus an internal GPS logger, so you can track your route on a map, making it a useful application for day or longer term trips. All this for US$350 and available next month.

The Powershot SX230’s HS designation indicates it comes with Canon's HS SYSTEM for enhanced image quality in low-light situations without the need for a flash. The HS SYSTEM comprises Canon's DIGIC 4 Image Processor combined with a High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor, which helps to reduce noise at high ISO levels and expand the camera's dynamic range, ultimately capturing greater detail and color in images in darker settings. With the use of the HS SYSTEM, consumers are able to capture clearer images with less noise and blur, resulting in brighter, sharper images.

Canon's new GPS feature in the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS model is enabled through the integration of a dedicated GPS receiver, so the camera is able to collect signals from GPS satellites to obtain the latitude, longitude and altitude and records this information to the image's EXIF data. The map utility software included with the camera permits viewing of photos on a map and shows the location of where the image was shot. The PowerShot SX230 HS also has an internal GPS logger, another first for a PowerShot model, helping to track the day's route on a map, making it a useful application for long-term trips.

The SX230 HS also takes Full 1080p HD video and also shoots more stsable imagery through its Dynamic Image Stabilizer. A new feature called Movie Digest allows consumers to shoot a short video before capturing a still image and then combine a full day's worth of videos into one clip, making it easier for consumers to access the day’s shooting.

Continuing Canon’s quest to turn each and every numpty into a competent photographer, all new Canon PowerShot Digital cameras come with advanced Smart AUTO software which automatically selects settings that match the scene without the need to switch modes. Tracking desired objects on a screen with ease, Advanced Subjection Detection has been added to the Smart AUTO function as well, providing the successful capture of fast moving objects, vehicles or birds flying across the sky. By simply pressing the shutter button, the Advanced Subject Detection automatically identifies certain objects like a fish in an aquarium. After pressing the shutter button, the Servo Auto Focus/Auto Exposure continues to function and the focus and exposure of the moving subject continues to be tracked, making it possible to shoot without the subject passing by.

Helping to add more artistic flair to images is the inclusion of Toy Camera effect and Monochrome effect to the scene mode category. Toy Camera Effect adds a grainy, blurred look to soften photos, illustrating an old-school, 1960's appearance and Monochrome mode can make a photo either have black-and-white, blue or sepia tones, displaying a more classic, antiqued appearance.

Available in black, red and blue, the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Digital camera is an awesomely capable camera, with a focal length that zooms from a 28mm equivalent lens, way past 500mm, an integrated GPS, the software to make you a better photographer than you are, and a 3.0-inch LCD screen for easy viewing of your imagery and for scrolling through the menus, or working out where you are on a map. Whatsmore, it’s good enough, small enough and cheap enough to become a valuable companion to your mobile phone at just US$350 – phones just simply don’t shoot video and stills to this quality.

The PowerShot SX230 HS will be available at the end of March for an estimated selling price of US$350.

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