Paris is a world class city, but it's also a tourist trap, and there's a definite lack of decent inexpensive hotels in the city center. In a bid to change this, Parisian firm MenoMenoPiu Architects recently designed a concept capsule hotel that would offer tourists an affordable place to stay, right on the banks of the Seine river.

The EauBerge Paris Capsule Hotel draws inspiration from Japan's famous capsule hotels, and its rooms are duly small, measuring 4 sq m (43 sq ft) for a single, and 7 sq m (75 sq ft) for a double. The hotel is accessed by a shared corridor, and features one bathroom for every 10 rooms.

"Paris has the largest concentration in square meters of museums in the world, nearly 120 museums in total, with many urban areas which tend to be transformed into living conservatories," says MenoMenoPiu. "In order to meet the needs of short-term housing for tourists, we decided to make further use of the banks of the Seine river, for example the Banks of Saint-Augustin."

What works in size-conscious Japan may well prove a tougher sell in Paris, and the concept seems unlikely to be realized. That said, MenoMenoPiu told Gizmag that it is currently liaising with the relevant authorities in the hope of moving the project forward.

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