Of the various "joys" of winter, one of the biggest has got to be getting into a frozen-solid automobile, then sitting and shivering as you wait for the inside of the windshield to defrost. Many people instead opt for remote engine starters, although these must be professionally installed, plus they waste fuel while also creating air pollution - some cities have even passed anti-idling bylaws, to limit their harmful effects. So, what's a winter wimp to do? Well, they can now buy the Car Interior Preheater.

The portable device sits on the dashboard, and draws power from an integrated rechargeable battery to blow hot air throughout the inside of your car. It has two adjustable-angle vents, so one can be pointed at the windshield, while the other directs its toasty goodness towards the seats.

It can be set to start as much as 20 minutes before you enter the car, or it can be started simply when you think of it, using a remote with a range of 200 feet (61 meters). Recharging is accomplished through an AC outlet or an in-car power port, and takes four hours.

The gadget won't preheat your engine, needless to say, but then that's what block heaters are for. One question that does arise, however: could a particularly cold night cause its battery to conk out? Only one way to find out ... the Car Interior Preheater sells for US$119.95 through Hammacher Schlemmer.