Car stereo for the flash drive generation

Car stereo for the flash drive...
Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB
Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB
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Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB
Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB
Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB
Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB

May 28, 2007 As music consumption expands to include greater use of mobile USB devices like the iPod, car audio is beginning to follow. Clarion's latest in-car CD receiver features signal restoration to get the best out of compressed MP3, AAC and WMA files - and a USB cable that pops out in your glove box so you can play sound files straight from any USB storage device.

The DXZ778RUSB is a CD/MP3/WMA receiver as you’d expect, but will also clone with any memory stick via USB connectivity on the front panel, reading WMA and MP3 audio files as well as AAC files used by programmes such as iTunes, whilst use of a ‘pig tail’ lead allows connectivity of portable USB players for the first time.

A first class 24-bit D/A Converter is the focus of the newcomer’s faithful sound reproduction, together with Time Alignment Control, Digital Z-Enhancer sound customisation and Sound Restorer technology to enrich the playback of all types of music files that have undergone compression - recreating lost frequencies up to 20kHz – whilst 4-channel x 53 watts of amplification helps generate a more dynamic, well-balanced audio reproduction to ensure the DXZ778USB’s technology is put to good use.

Usability has also been high on Clarion’s design agenda for the latest range and the latest HMI (Human Machine Interface) has lead to the introduction of *X-Function operation & Slide volume control* - for precise control of key features - by simply swiping the facia from left to right to adjust major functions.

An LCD full dot & 728 variable colour key display is boosted by a clear 13-segment, 2-line display window, giving the user a multitude of crystal-clear information and screensavers unseen in audio head units at this price.

With a typical selling price of just UK£249.00 via its appointed dealers across the UK, Clarion is offering the burgeoning download generation, a wider choice of in-car audio storage solutions and best quality sound reproduction at a previously unavailable price.

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