Enjoy a nice snuggle, but find your legs start going to sleep when your significant other spends any significant time on your lap? Thanks to the wonders of carbon fiber, you are now able to canoodle with lovers of any size on a seat purpose built for the job.

After years spent working on lightweight racing and sports GT cars, the folks at Sin Cars International found themselves with a wealth of knowledge in producing custom shapes in carbon fiber, plus a bunch of equipment. The design team thought it might be a good time to try out some crazy ideas.

And here's the first one: the carbon hug chair. It's a twin-level chair built on a single curved sheet design, which creates a situation where your girlfriend can kind of sit in your lap, but without cutting off the old circulation if she's on the hefty side.

Heck, with the well-documented strength of carbon fiber, you can sit in her lap just as easily if that's your bag. And the shape works nicely if you want to sit a laptop on your carbon lap as well.

We're gonna go on the record as saying this doesn't look like the most comfortable chair in the world – not for the main sitter, nor for the lap sitter – and the estimated retail price in excess of €2,000 (US$2,120) will mean you'd need to be enthusiastic about your carbon fiber.

That drops to €950 (US$1,010) during the early phases of the Kickstarter campaign, making it the cheapest carbon cuddle seat we've seen all week if it makes it up to its lofty €100,000 (US$106,200) all-or-nothing sales goal.

Take a look at the video below.

Source: Hug Chair

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