A few weeks ago, the world got a look at what the future of law enforcement mobility might look like by way of the 2012 L.A. Design Challenge. Today, the world gets a look at what the future of law enforcement mobility will look like, assuming the Carbon Motors TX7 Multi-Mission Vehicle finds a few buyers.

While Carbon Motors' vision of law enforcement is more grounded in reality than the minds behind the flying motorcycles and rubble-roving off-roaders presented in L.A., the company does feel that the nature of law enforcement is changing, with agencies facing more dangerous and numerous threats. The TX7 was designed to provide a flexible, robust platform capable of responding to a wide array of incidents. It looks like a cross between an ambulance and a paddy wagon, with just a tad of utility vehicle thrown in by way of those angular fenders.

Carbon Motors envisions the TX7 filling the gap between the typical patrol car and the singularly focused specialty vehicles that police forces use for activities like disaster management and search and rescue. The TX7 is more flexible than those single-purpose vehicles, providing a platform that can be used for multiple tasks, including incident command, surveillance, prisoner transport and personnel carrying.

The purchasing agency can configure the interior as needed, adding options like a holding cell and evidence storage. Other available equipment includes infrared, a 360-degree surveillance system, thermal imaging hardware and weapons of mass destruction sensors. The TX7 carries up to 10 people.

In terms of driving, the TX7 is powered by a 300-bhp V-8 turbo diesel engine with 660 lb-ft (813 Nm) of torque. The engine sends power through a 6-speed automatic transmission, and a 4x4 system ensures that the TX7 can serve in both on- and off-road missions. A compressed natural gas engine option will be introduced in the future.

The TX7 is available for order as of this week, at a base price of US$149,950. Carbon Motors frames this price as a fraction of the cost of single-mission specialty vehicles and believes that it, coupled with the TX7's flexibility, will enable smaller law enforcement departments to purchase a vehicle for special operations. It plans to bring the E7 police car to market in the future.

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