We already know that cardboard isn't just for packaging, but US company Ernest Packaging Solutions recently pushed the envelope to create a cardboard skateboard deck. The deck was put through its paces by pro-skating legend Tony Hawk.

The skateboard was created in partnership with snowboard firm Signal Snowboards as part of its Cardboard Chaos series, which has already resulted in some neat cardboard-based inventions, including a surfboard, snowboard, and pushbikes.

Enlisting the help of professional skateboard maker Paul Schmitt, the team created three boards and worked through some durability issues with a corrugated cardboard deck before deciding to go with a deck based on layers of paper coated in resin. The resin was applied using a vacuum system to ensure that the paper would be duly soaked.

"The corrugated board felt good as a board underfoot, but it would fracture when we pushed to the extreme," says Mike Martinez, director of consulting services at Ernest Packaging Solutions. "When I noticed that the fractures appeared to start in the fluted sections of the cardboard, I decided to try plain paper. After several rounds of testing, it held up very well without any breaking or tearing, so I proceeded to build it that way."

Finally, the team handed the cardboard skateboard deck over to Tony Hawk to test. Check out the video below to see the design process and the board in action.

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