June 8, 2009 One of the corollaries of increased urban density is nerve-shredding traffic congestion and billowing pollution. So anything that addresses these problems receives our applause – like the compact, battery-powered CarGo goods van that is designed to negotiate the urban jungle, making frequent deliveries without fuss or fouling the air.

The beauty of Adam Schacter’s single-seated design, apart from its cutesy bubble appearance, lies in the driver’s ability to adapt the vehicle’s configuration to accommodate either changing traffic conditions or the kind of loads that need to be transported.

In compact mode, the storage compartment stands upright behind the driver’s cabin and is best suited to holding smaller parcels and boxes. In narrow mode, the storage is laid at an angle. It still takes up minimal space in heavy traffic or for easy parking but it has greater manoeuvrability and can more easily take corners due to its banking action.

In pick-up truck mode, the compartment is laid flat, providing a larger area to carry bigger and heavier goods.

According to Schacter, the CarGo is not only eco-friendly with zero carbon emissions, but also is more economical to run. Its body panels clip on and off, which means it’s easy to repair; but it presents advertisers, too, with an opportunity to gain some green street cred by emblazoning their corporate logo on the vehicle.

In another bit of smart thinking, the storage compartment can be removed, which means inner-city residents can use the vehicle to commute to work.

Paul Best

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