October 23, 2008 Casio has added to its well-known G-Shock collection with the introduction of its premium Rose Gold series. The new line of watches combine shock-resistance characteristics with self-adjusting atomic timekeeping technology and a mini solar panel for extended battery life.

The MTG1000BR-1A, GIEZ, GW700BRJ-1A, and GW1800BRJ-1A models all feature rose gold accents matched with matte black IP (ion plating) for a sporty yet sophisticated look. A tiny solar panel, combined with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, enables a variety of energy-hungry functions to operate smoothly and greatly reduces the need for battery changes. Self-adjusting, multi-band atomic timekeeping technology receives calibration signals automatically from up to five transmitters around the world (US, Germany, UK and two in Japan) and updates settings accordingly for pinpoint accuracy, even adjusting for leap year and daylight saving time.

The MT-G model (RRP USD$$500) has the rose gold color on both the case and the dial, while combining materials of stainless steel for added toughness. Additional features include shock and 200M water resistance, countdown timer, 1/20 second chronograph and daily alarm. It also has a full analog display with perpetual calendar.

The GIEZ ($400) is accented in IP Rose Gold and is a five-motor chronograph timepiece with both shock and 200M water resistance. A solid stainless steel case and unique minimalist urethane bezel allow for complete shock resistance and radio signal reception. Additional features include 1/20 second chronograph, world time (27 cities), daily alarm and perpetual calendar.

The GW1800BRJ-1A ($350) adds a new look to a classic ani-digi G-Shock by combining solar atomic timekeeping and a tough solid stainless steel band with black IP. The rose gold hands and markers further accent the watch face in contrast to the reverse LCD. Other features include shock resistance, 200M water resistance, 1/100 second stopwatch, and world time (48 cities). Lastly, the GW700BRJ-1A ($300) takes a classic solar atomic digital G-Shock to the next level by adding a solid stainless steel band with black IP. It features rose gold IP bezel accents, a reverse LCD shock resistance, 200M water resistance, 1/100 second stopwatch, world time (30 cities) and time memo (30 records).

All models will be available for purchase from November 2008. See Casio for more info.

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