Casio has been making watches since the 70s, and the company has taken that experience into the Android Wear market with its WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch. Introduced at CES, the WSD-F10 is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, featuring applications optimized for trekking, cycling and even fly fishing.

Built to US military standards, the WSD-F10 is water-resistant to 50 meters and has a range of sensors to measure changes in the environment and personal activity levels. This includes compass direction, air pressure and altitude, gyrometer, sunrise and sunset times, and tide and activity graphs.

When linked to the Casio Moment Setter+ smartphone app, the WSD-F10 alerts you when the timing is right for your preferred activity based on previously-set conditions such as speed, distance, sunrise, break timing, or when fish tend to be most active.

Pre-loaded apps like ViewRanger GPS for trekking, MyRadar for real-time weather info, and Runkeeper for tracking different physical activities round out the outdoor functionality of the WSD-F10. It also supports other services from Google including Gmail, voice search, maps, and Google Fit.

Connectivity is via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and because it was built under the Android Wear specifications, it can work with both Android and iOS devices.

The three operating buttons – tools, apps and power – are concentrated on the right side of the case and can be easily operated with gloves on.

Users can choose from a variety of different watch faces depending on the specific information they want to display. The watch body and wrist band are available in four different colors.

Battery life in normal mode can last for more than one day depending on the number of apps being used. If you just use the WSD-F10 as a watch, battery life is listed at more than a month. Recharge time is approximately two hours at room temperature, so if you're outside all day with the WSD-F10, you'd better plan to be near an outlet by evening.

Coming in at a relatively bulky 61.7 x 56.4 x 15.7 mm (2.4 x 2.2 x 0.6 in) and weighing 93 g (3.2 oz) this is not a slim watch. So while Casio has designed the WSD-F10 to also function as an everyday timepiece, users may find it functions best when used outdoors.

Listed at US$500, Casio will begin selling the WSD-F10 this coming April.

Take a look at the video for more info about the watch.

Source: Casio

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