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Casio's EXILIM EX-FH20 high-speed digital SLR

Casio's EXILIM EX-FH20 high-sp...
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October 22, 2008 Casio has introduced a second high-speed EXILIM model to complement the EX-F1 announced earlier this year. The EXILIM EX-FH20 doesn't quite match its formidable sibling in terms of shooting rates, but at a lower price point and still achieving bursts of 40 fps plus high speed movie recording at up to 1,000 fps, it could well appeal to those looking to shoot fast-moving action while still keeping with an eye on their bank accounts.

The 9.1 megapixel EX-FH20 includes a 20X optical zoom and a CMOS shift anti-shake function to steady the ship when honing in on a subject. It's 27% smaller and and 28% lighter than the EX-F1 and the controls have been simplified by placing all shooting mode settings on a single dial.

Seven burst settings enable capture from 1 fps up to 40 fps and images of 7 megapixels (3072 x 2304 pixel) in size are delivered at the maximum rate. The EX-FH20 can also "prerecord" up to 40 still images, meaning you can still get the shot you're after even if you are a little slow on the draw.

HD Movie recording produces 1280 x 720 images at 30 fps and the camera's high speed (224 × 56 at 1,000 fps) movie capabilities make it suitable for ultra slow motion playback. Users can also switch between standard 30 fps recording to the higher speed 210 fps setting on-the-fly and there's also a High Speed Night Scene setting that promises quality results when the sun goes down.

Images are recorded to the 31.9MB built-in Flash memory or the supported SDHC Memory Card, SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCardplus formats and the camera runs on AA-size batteries.

The EXILIM EX-FH20 is priced at USD $599.99 (compared with $999.00 for the EX-F1, which by the way shoots bursts of 60 fps).

"looking to shoot fast-moving action while still keeping with an eye on their bank accounts", I don't think it's been said better. I'm a dad, and not only can I keep up with my kids with this, I can shoot sports of any speed. It's amazing what it catches, things I didn't even know were there.
This camera is so sweet for shooting my bro's skating. We were just putting the camera on slow motion and burst mode and getting everything we needed for our mini videos. We can easily shoot with limited camera gear and get great stuff. I cant afford some super pro camcorder hd camera, but this was something that I could get my parents to get me and they saw that this Casio had so really cool features. Even they have been borrowing to shoot my skating and surfing.
I've used this camera from shooting everything from landscapes to butterflies, and as girly as that sounds, it's not with this camera. It's somewhere between science and fiction watching coyotes run at about a foot every thirty seconds, watching their flesh move over their muscles. I sometimes wonder if what this camera shoots is super-real or completely unreal - it's something indescribable, and I love it.