If you think that heavy construction machinery like a Caterpillar 5230B Excavator is an unlikely source of inspiration for a piece of art, then you obviously don't work for Michigan art studio Woodchuck and Co. The team there has built a highly detailed wooden model, or rather, a semi-working replica of the large machine, in 1/16th scale. The collector's piece is up for sale at US$35,900.

The super-detailed wooden model consists of 4,000 pieces, each individually handcrafted out of solid cherry and chestnut wood. It took the team 3,000 man-hours and roughly 1.5 years to complete the project.

Most surprising, however, is the fact that the wooden parts of the replica are functional. "The track moves, the cylinders extend, the jaws open and close and the entire model pivots on the trackframe," the product page says. Woodchuck's woodworkers also included a rather mysterious built-in hidden storage box, where the keys are to be kept.

The amazing work of handcrafted art is available for purchase at Etsy, but there is just one model available. Woodchuck and Co's website says it's possible to order a custom model.

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