If you have a cat, chances are that you don't like cleaning out its litter box. Well, that's why the Catolet was created. It's basically a conveyor belt-equipped automatically-flushing toilet that's made for cats – or tiny litter-trained dogs.

Here's how the Catolet works …

Whenever the cat steps onto it, motion sensors detect its presence. The cat then proceeds to relieve itself. Urine passes right through the porous conveyor belt and into a water-filled collection basin below, while solid waste is left on top of the belt.

Once the cat finishes up and leaves, the motion sensors detect that it's no longer there. After a preset amount of time has passed, the belt then moves forward, carrying the feces into the basin below. They're then chopped up by a shredder, after which they, the urine and the water are pumped out into the sewer.

The belt also gets cleaned after it's dropped off the feces, so that it can present a relatively unpoopy surface when it gets back to the top.

Ideally, the Catolet will be installed in the bathroom, permanently connected to the water supply and sewage system via included hoses. That said, it can also simply be hooked up to an adjacent faucet, with its output hose running into the toilet bowl. One charge of its battery should be good for about three months of use.

And yes, it does come with a system of trays that are initially placed over the belt, for training cats to use it instead of a litter box.

The Catolet is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of US$299 will get you one – if all goes according to plans.

Source: Kickstarter

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