CATSi - the world's smallest GPS, GSM and RF tracking device

CATSi - the world's smallest G...
The CATSi GPS, GSM and RF tracking device
The CATSi GPS, GSM and RF tracking device
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The CATSi GPS, GSM and RF tracking device
The CATSi GPS, GSM and RF tracking device

The CATSi, (pronounced cat's eye), is designed to track almost anything, from pets and people through to cars, trucks and motorbikes. Although we’ve seen plently of GPS trackers before, CATS-i is touting the its new product as the world’s smallest, thinnest and most covert GPS, GSM and RF tracking device ever. This means the device can be used in products that have previously been inaccessible to GPS tracking - little Jimmy should have a hard time detecting a CATSi sewn into his jacket for example.

The combination of GPS, RF and GSM technologies in the one device is designed to provide the best possible chance of recovering your "tracked" asset regardless of its current location. The inclusion of an RF beacon allows for accurate locating when hidden inside buildings and a new GSM location technology provides almost GPS-like accuracy in mapped areas. The GSM technology relies on a GSM sim chip instead of a GSM sim card, so customers will not have to worry about contracts.

The CATSi will be offered in several variants, from completely waterproof to long battery life models, with sizes varying from 45 x 35 x 12mm to 70 x 45 x 8mm, depending on the model. The CATSi is battery powered as standard but it can also be hardwired to vehicles or solar powered.

CATS-i will be demonstrating the CATSi from July 2009, so it probably won't be long before we see products incorporating the CATSi on the shelves.

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does the solar panel come flexible? and how long does the wire comes from the GPS tracker to the solar panel? I need it's at least 3 ft long? for the used for a personal invention. if it could be made what will the price be? all water prove
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Hello , am Mohammad I interested about your cat-i , please contact me. thank you